ARTstor Travel Awards – apply now

It’s time to apply for the ARTstor Travel Awards:

While the digital age is opening up new ways of using images of the world’s cultural heritage in teaching and scholarship, there is no substitute for engaging with original works and sites or primary source material, or for attending conferences with colleagues. In recognition of this need, ARTstor is providing 5 travel awards in the amount of $1,500 each to help support the educational and scholarly activities—such as flying to a conference—of graduate students, scholars, curators, educators, and librarians in any field.

All graduate students, scholars, curators, educators, and librarians who are at least 18 years of age and associated with institutions that subscribe to the ARTstor Digital Library are eligible to apply.

Deadline is April 16, 2012, and application details are available online. Applications from all subject areas are accepted. UAB users of ARTstor are welcome to contact me with questions about creating the image groups required for the award application.


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