Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students

Penn State University provides a great web resource for all engineering and science students with the models, exercises, and advice that it gives for over a half dozen type of documents they will likely encounter in their schooling and eventual professions.  On the left hand side of the homepage visitors will find “Student Resources,” “Instructor Resources,” and links to the “Contributors,” which include Virginia Tech, University of Illinois, and Georgia Tech.  The “Introduction” on the homepage, offers the following basics to consider when starting a paper: “Assessing the Audience,” “Selecting the Format,” and “Crafting the Style.”  Also on the homepage the site gives links to guidance on “Presentations,” “Correspondence,” “Formal Reports,” “Proposals,” “Instructions,” and “Journal Articles.”  The “Design of Presentation Slides,” under the “Presentations” link, demonstrates the use of the assertion-evidence structure for presentation slides, as opposed to the typical PowerPoint template, along with many resources on the left hand side of the page that tout the benefits of that structure.

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